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Iron Angel | Book 1 of Iron Angel

Iron Angel | Book 1 of Iron Angel

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gidchang By gidchang Completed

Q: Would you date an AI? I don't know. But young Kardusenn with the cutest and most annoying AI implanted in his robotic arm, is considering about it...
  Highest rank #83 in Fantasy (2017/04/17)
  Highest rank #11 in Adventure (2016/10/17)
    Special thanks to @llaugh who helped me create this awesome cover and @ArbreEcore
    who's been my best friend and helped me edit ( *^^)o∀*∀o(^^* )
    *All contents of the book is pure fiction, and has nothing to do with real life religion, organisation, race...etc
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images inside the chapters or quiz, and all credit of art and work goes to those owners (*^‿^*)

Hana-shi Hana-shi Apr 28
I couldn't believe even from what he had exposed to, for such a tragedy, he still could narrate everything so clear and contently. Don't he afraid if getting caught with the explosion?
                              ( ̄□ ̄」)
Ah, I love that part of high school where I teased my bud about his crush so badly xD
Hana-shi Hana-shi Apr 28
@gidchang I came to visit your story! Seemed this gonna be a blowing one. And yes, I love the theme of AI girl; android and robotic girl as Isla from "Plastic Memories" was a great one. This work of yours; gotta be a great also!
Hana-shi Hana-shi Apr 28
I bet its the beloved Illyria. One more thing; this guy seems much to be a person who have his own self as the top priority. That side of him; supported much with the testimony where he 'not fit for Illyria'....
Hana-shi Hana-shi Apr 28
From the name Ayre and such structures, I believe this ain't no Japan.
Hana-shi Hana-shi Apr 28
This story set in summer for the starter. It reminds me of "Ano Natsu de Matteru", somehow.