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5sos sickfics book 2

5sos sickfics book 2

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Michael's baby girl💖 By _cake_shipper_ Updated 2 days ago

Requests always open 
Continuation of 5sos sickfics book 1

newyorklife_ newyorklife_ Aug 15, 2016
I requested something in the last book when you asked for fetus 5sos I would like to metaphorically post it here aswell as this is requests but I can't copy and past the request so tads 😂
Lukeyy_The_Penguin Lukeyy_The_Penguin Aug 15, 2016
I wrote this in the other one under the fetus 5sos it was luke gets sick ar school and all he wants to do is go home and cuddle ben and jack
AmmoHemmo AmmoHemmo Feb 15
Hey I have a request, not sure if you're doing them anymore lol. I literally am DYING for like some fetus Ashton, where he turns up to band practice feeling unwell and the boys end up taking care of him, no Lilly please? Thanks!
clarrypotter5sos clarrypotter5sos Aug 16, 2016
Could you do a sick fic about one of the boys getting diagnosed with touretts syndrome or some other to disorder? Also your writing is amazing!
StaceyStonier StaceyStonier Aug 15, 2016
Can you do muke family one please like luke gets sick with the stomach flu  and there oldest son gets sick with it has well and had to be picked up from school  and Michael takes carw of them please.
ekathrynm ekathrynm Aug 15, 2016
could you please do one where Calum has strep throat and he has an anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) to a medication he was taking. plz & thanks