Collide Invisible Lips (KELLIC) (Wattys2016)

Collide Invisible Lips (KELLIC) (Wattys2016)

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Jess By 3-Cheers-For-Kellic Completed

Kellin Quinn has mysteriously awoken in an unfamiliar house, unable to remember the events of the past few days. Kellin soon discovers that he is a ghost trapped in the haunted house, but he is not alone. Kellin is welcomed with open arms by the other ghosts, including the bitter yet occasionally charming Vic Fuentes, and they're just as confused by his presence as he is. Vic soon develops a fondness for his newest housemate, and the two of them set out to learn how Kellin really ended up in the house. 

"We might be dead, but that doesn't mean we can't live."

Cover Credit: @McAvoyer

lights_and_sounds lights_and_sounds Dec 13, 2016
Oh wow Jesus, just because we question whether or not you're real we're immediately sent to purgatory. WE'LL I'M SORRY I DOUBTED YOU!
brightlrh brightlrh Aug 16, 2016
this is the first story i've read where alysha is actually in it
bands_lover_girl bands_lover_girl Oct 14, 2016
This place sound like so much freaking fun. Loud ass music for all eternity. Youtube for all eternity. Food for all eternity. And no one or nothing bothering you or annoying you for all eternity.  Anyone else want to go.
AlexThePenetrator AlexThePenetrator Oct 06, 2016
Woops... You can go to purgatory for not being religious??? I'm screwed...
notbig notbig Aug 16, 2016
I thought he couldn't sleep though oh man why is he alive but in a house full of ghosts wtf
MikeyIsATwerp MikeyIsATwerp Aug 15, 2016
I read "red hair" and now Matty Mullins will not leave my mind