Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang

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Sondra Victoria By thewalkingharley Updated Sep 10, 2016

"What's a gorgeous girl like you, doing in a group of crazies like this?"

Victoria Connors, well known thief who has stolen so much jewls and money you can't even imagine, has been transferred to Task Force X with the rest of the crew to save... possibly the world. 

But when Victoria and Boomerang meet, things won't be as good as she thought. 

"Your one crazy bitch"

"Say that again and I'll knock your teeth out including your gold one"

"You don't have the guts hotness"

"Just try me"


(I do not own Captain Boomerang or the rest of the skwad or lines from the movie all rights to DCComics, I only own Victoria the character I made and the plot I'm making) *might edit some parts*

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pancakesjs pancakesjs Aug 15, 2016
YES ^o^ I love him but I would tell you stuff I would love to see but it's all so unoriginal so I won't <3 but super excited :D I love you so much you are an amazing author tbh
PostMaloneOffic PostMaloneOffic Aug 24, 2016
I got a good last name 
                              Take out every other letter in the name
                              And you can be called Da Schmidt 😉
prxncesslezlxe prxncesslezlxe Aug 15, 2016
Yesssss i love Cap, omg i love you right now I've been waiting for someone to make a story about him thank you!!