Red's Trash can :D

Red's Trash can :D

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Horror Lesbian By BigTitanGirlYmir Updated Nov 19, 2016



( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)

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Ein_ShinePals Ein_ShinePals Aug 29, 2016
*Cue the teacher voice* So this children how frisk x chara have started
Magicwolf2263 Magicwolf2263 Aug 20, 2016
(Runs to the store and buys infinite jugs of bleach)
                              (Looks at bucket list)
                              (Checks off get bleach)
                              (Goes to God and asks for holy water)
                              (Gets infinite supply of holy water)
                              GOT JR
cianacrash cianacrash Aug 27, 2016
I got bleach candie and the cross some holly water and the bible
- - Sep 05, 2016
*gets the cross, and a lighter*
                              Okay. Let's do Dis.
                              *grabs the picture. Picture lights it on fire. Throws it out*
                              OUTTA DIS HOUSE. OUTTA DIS HOUSE I SAY!