I Wont Be Gone For Long (Dirty)j.s

I Wont Be Gone For Long (Dirty)j.s

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Hailey Snodgrass By rolfsartoriuslove Updated Apr 25, 2017

*ring ring ring* 

I hear my alarm go off, I sit up in my bed and walk over to my mirror. Uggh it looked like I just woke up after 3 years. I go to my bathroom and do my morning routine

·Brush my teeth
·Take a shower
·Do my hair 
·And get clothes on 

*description of myself*

My name is Hailey I'm 14 years old I have strawberry blonde hair I'm about 5'4 and I live in Missoula Montana.

*end of description*

I got out of the shower and and didn't blow dry my hair I like to dry it natural. I got dressed in a black skirt and a long sleeve maroon crop top. I went down stairs and I went to the kitchen and made my own breakfast, my mom and dad were already at work and I'm the only child so yea.

    I get done with breakfast and I pull my phone out to see what time it was 7:50 
Jeez I have to get to school, I call my bestfriend Alexis to come pick me up.

(H=hailey A=Alexis)

H: hey can you pick me up from my house please
A: yea sure my not 
H: thanks

I got my backpack and run out the door...

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ninaortiz11 ninaortiz11 Dec 13, 2016
Xx_Lauren77_xX Xx_Lauren77_xX Jan 09, 2017
Because their HATERSSSSS!!!!
                              Miranda singsssss 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
jay_rae_fan jay_rae_fan Mar 05, 2017
Why is Jacob saying that in this one he's still hiplikejacob
demodart demodart Jan 08, 2017
Am I the only who started to sing sweatshirt when I read the last word
- - Dec 29, 2016
What is your parents name? I think u should put that in the story.
smolbeanlisa smolbeanlisa Jan 02, 2017
Does she not know that Virginia is a big state and there's a chance that Jacobs on the other side of the state if she moved there?