Text Me | Kakashi X Reader

Text Me | Kakashi X Reader

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pure imagination By _KakashiSenpai Completed

Reader: Please don't ignore me after this

Reader: I hope we can still be friends...

MaskedMan_Kakashi: you can tell me anything. I promise I won't be mad..


Texting the copy cat ninja.

thelevi27 thelevi27 Jul 28
That's a messed up joke man! He would get along great with me and my friends XD
That's messed up hey sasuke or itachi (depends on what time this is] is still alive
StaTiCyVoices StaTiCyVoices 3 days ago
One side of me is like
                              the other side is like
                              "END ME"
thatweirdgirl913 thatweirdgirl913 6 days ago
*snaps fingures then makes them into a gun and points them at kakashi* eyy