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Daughter of Poseidon: (a Percy Jackson fanfiction)

Daughter of Poseidon: (a Percy Jackson fanfiction)

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Sonia By soniaaaa_xx Updated Mar 14, 2016

Isabella DiOro was born 2 years after the legendary Percy Jackson. Poseidon had hidden her in his underwater castle so Zeus wouldn't have any more reason to be mad at him, and especially so he wouldn't hurt Isabella. Now that the war is over and the prophecy is long past, he decides that it's a good time for her to go to Camp Half-Blood. Zeus is furious with Poseidon, and he wants to just kill her on the spot, but that would start a war with Gods. On top of that, she falls in love with  Nico DiAngelo and she has to deal with Percy being an overreactive big brother. She just wants to be a regular demi-god! Well as normal as they can get... But of none of the Big Three's children will *ever* be normal...  **Set after the giants were defeated but only up to The Mark of Athena will be referenced to (I don't wanna make up something for them. Rick Riordan is THE master**  ***DISCLAIMER*** I do not own any characters from any of the Percy Jackson books.

fatimahghouse fatimahghouse Feb 10, 2016
my friend had a dream just like this and i don't know if that's cool or just creepy.
kawaiiArtemisOlympus kawaiiArtemisOlympus May 17, 2016
Why... *sobs*... why does Solangelo have to win... *weeps hopelessly*.. WAH!!!
BrilliantBean BrilliantBean Nov 04, 2015
I think Chiron and Percy would be a little more confused and curious as to how Bella was Poseidon's daughter. I don't think they would just let her say who her godly parent is, I think she would have to prove it. That's my opinion though, I don't know if it's true....
julgarf julgarf Sep 22, 2015
I have spent sooooo long looking for this book and I have found it!
-hello_world- -hello_world- Sep 12, 2015
** also the fact that you sat next to Bacchus halfway unconscious after that
slappily slappily Jul 14, 2015
I think that Isabella is a little TOO perfect. Percy has every right to be mad at her.