Scomiche Oneshots 2

Scomiche Oneshots 2

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The second book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out the first book to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are happily married, making music for their Grammy winning acapella group Pentaonix and side group Superfruit! They also make family vlogs and other videos for their Superfruit YouTube channel! They have six rapidly growing kids! Liam Michael Richard, Hudson Avriel Kevin, Sophia Noelle, Isabella Hope, Sawyer Coby and Amelia Faith! They also have three family pets! Their Sphynx Cat Wyatt Blue, Beagle Hound Daisy May and French Bulldog Lucy Lu! 

• This book was a Runner Up for "Cutest Moments" in the Pentatonix Fanfiction Awards 2017!

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- - Sep 20, 2016
Oh dear lord someone help them you have a emotional pregnant one and a clumsy sweet one
pastelktm pastelktm Oct 01, 2016
Well i dont know Scott,because you guys said that with four kids and look where we are now.
- - Sep 18, 2016
I want the new baby to be have Kirstie's middle or first name somewhere in their names because she is the only on the doesn't have a name in the scomiche kids
FrancescaMaia FrancescaMaia Sep 20, 2016
I fukking love when in the answer to an apology the person goes through every single point the other has mentioned, it sounds much more logical than just saying "Don't worry, it's fine" 💗
- - Sep 20, 2016
Question is it band that I am laughing? I am sorry but I found this hilarious
FrancescaMaia FrancescaMaia Sep 20, 2016
I love how you specified that two people can fit in the shower 😏😏😏