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It's A He Said, She Said Kinda Thing

It's A He Said, She Said Kinda Thing

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Christine By iheartemoboys13 Updated Jun 10, 2012

It's Summer Vacation and they thought they could finally just have a normal, relaxing vacation. Easy enough. However, Scarlett likes Seth and Brandon likes Scarlett, Seth wants Scarlett but for what reason? Brandon can't stand Seth, and Gabi likes Brandon but Brandon couldn't care less. Emma likes Jordan, but Mason still loves Emma and she can't stand him. Mason is also sending mixed signals to Anabelle who is falling head over heels for Mason, who is on the verge of kicking Jordan's ass. You get what I'm saying? With all the fist fights, a first kiss with the WHOLE Pier watching, pool parties, drunken kisses, bon fires, makeout sessions, green hair, break ups, hook ups, broken hearts, broken noses and even just playing the game of twister, this summer can't get anymore interesting. Do YOU think you can keep up?

MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Nov 28, 2011
lol.. wowww.. this reminds me of that movie.. i forgot what its called wait.. "he's just not into you" or somthing like that.. awesome story! loved it..
SincerelyTuesday SincerelyTuesday Mar 07, 2011
Nicely written and I like it s far! Keep writing (:
iheartemoboys13 iheartemoboys13 Jan 04, 2011
@xContinuous thanks you very much! And i sure will give you an honest feedback (:
xContinuous xContinuous Dec 30, 2010
THIS IS AWESOME :D VOTED & I love how you wrote it in a pattern (:
                              can you give me some honest feedback too ? :D