The Puppet Girl. (Completed)

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Sanaya Kant By SanayaKant Completed
Ever had a hobby that later turned into an obsession? Well then, meet Summer, a town girl from Ireland who loves to play and talk to her puppets until she is sent to Madrid. There she encounters a whole new world of mysteries and magic, she comes across a portrait and is intrigued by its story and the lady in it. join her as she drifts into Al-andalus a kingdom that was ruled by the Moors of spain and  forgotten in time.
I LOVE THIS BOOK, I like the twists and turns, the history, and the spanish!!
I really like the book about puppy girl and the book is really interseting book to read when you feel bored at home
This book is so good I think I will share it with my friends I told my one friend and she thought that I was weird.
She's in eva's world and thats really awesome but I want to know whats going on in the other side where she is almost dead, is rain freaking out?
Hey it would be in goner if u read my story and comment suggestions
this book is so good , i can tell just looking at the amazing cover.