Surviving The Zombie Outbreak [COMPLETED]

Surviving The Zombie Outbreak [COMPLETED]

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AllAboutAlexis By AllAboutAlexis Completed

18 year-old, Maddie Johnsen, works at a nightclub to provide money for college and to take care of her younger sister. Her good friends Allie Stone, Zach Key, and Mark Rohnolds are always there to support her through the tough times. 

But when all hell breaks loose, will they be able to stick together...

...And most importantly, survive? 

Cover by @DanceLikeMagicMike

Edited by @SophieHiggins8

Copyright © 2013 Alexis A.

  • action
  • adventure
  • apocalypse
  • horror
  • outbreak
  • zombies
GaardAkzaar GaardAkzaar Apr 25, 2017
It ocurred to me this kid isn't in school! She's working to pay for college but she slept until it was past time to go to work at a night club? So many plotholes...
raddbutsadd raddbutsadd Apr 03, 2017
She's going to fall asleep forever soon enough
                              IM SORRY
I knew something wasn't right with her.  She's become one of the undead
Allycat04 Allycat04 Jun 23, 2017
I hate when that happens u get in a good prologe and then it ends suddenly.....NOOOOO
raddbutsadd raddbutsadd Apr 03, 2017
Hey don't diss Tom & Jerry. As a child that was one of my favorite cartoons )):
InvisibleShadow_XII InvisibleShadow_XII Sep 01, 2017
Zach the kid in Finding Humanity! So sad that it ended... 😭