Grieving (solangelo au)

Grieving (solangelo au)

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my_love By thea1010 Updated Jul 28, 2018

Nico is the scariest kid in high school. He is covered in tattoos, has a bunch of piercings and wears nothing but black. He shows no love to any one but his sister Hazel, and has no friends at school- not that he tries to make any anyways. 

Will solace is popular, happy and always overly optimistic. He has a million friends. He knows almost everyone is his grade and loves socializing, doing volunteer work in the hospital and playing volleyball and basketball at school. He has a bunch of siblings and he has dated many girls but breaks it off whenever they get to greedy which makes people who don't know him well think he's a player but his two best friends really know what he's like. 

What happens when Will and Nico meet?  

This is also current and starting in 2016 so Nico and will are both 16 and in grade 11 in the beginning of the book. 
This is a solangelo au fan fiction

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