Lakeview High

Lakeview High

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My name's (Y/N). I'm 15 years old, and I just moved to this small town in Ohio called Lakeview with my dad, my moms still back in Los Angeles. Her and my dad got a divorce after she cheated on him. My dad moved us to Lakeview (Not based around the actually Lakeview Ohio :D) cause his family lives around the Columbus area. I don't know why we didn't move to Columbus, dad says the country is to help clear his head. I'm so used to the city life that being out here in the country is weird, all that's out here is just corn fields and more corn fields.

Anyways enough about that. I start my first day at a new high school tomorrow and I'm scared as can be. My first time being at a new school, no friends, and no one to talk. And it's only sophomore year. Of course the freshmen are nervous, but they still have their friends to hang out with, I have no one. All I have is my fanfiction, the internet, and video games to keep me happy.

(Xreader type book) (some language!) (the guys are much younger then the pictures! Your age to be exact!)

(Y/N)- your name (Y/LN)- your last name (Y/EC)- your eye color (Y/HC)- your hair color

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I would have still pretended to be sick so they would pity me and still take me out to dinner
Its_Rin_The_Otaku Its_Rin_The_Otaku Jul 18, 2017
I know someone like that, but her name is Star. No joke, that's her actual name.
YourNeighborhoodLui YourNeighborhoodLui Jun 06, 2017
Hahah sweetie no books on this app do that. Has anyone here read the BBS crew fanfc Lunch? Yeah exactly
Its_Rin_The_Otaku Its_Rin_The_Otaku Jul 18, 2017
My dad's an engineer, but a police officer sounds cooler so I can roll with it.
Manikiichan Manikiichan Aug 13, 2017
Same im in Ohio for the summer and me an my bestfriend Skype call all the time
LovlyLion102 LovlyLion102 Aug 27, 2017
Yes school is that important! If you want to go to College and get a good job then yes it's that important! Sorry for sounding like a parent and a teachers pet but I've learned about the world it's a horrible place that we're in