Cinderella {Yandere Prince x Reader}

Cinderella {Yandere Prince x Reader}

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Kī By kii_chan13 Updated 5 days ago

Y/N is just a girl who,after her parents' death she had been mistreated by her stepmother and evil sisters...

One day she meets a young and handsome prince.
He,being obsessed with the young girl, tries everything to find her again.

She will be his even if she doesn't want to.

Once she got into this,there's no return...

Oh! I have to make a good impression!
                              *cough* *cough*
                              GO away bitch. >:l
Obey them? when I was 5 I would have beat them up. >:L Never under estimate a short tempered person.
So I'm questioning the entire beggining it's like "what I don't get it"
NinaLEclr NinaLEclr Dec 12, 2016
Takeo Takahashi is the name of one of my favourite voice actors xD
LeLaMortRabbitGirl LeLaMortRabbitGirl Nov 17, 2016
NOOOOOOO! ;-; Lacie is my evil step mother?????? (I know that you probably didn't know who she was, but boy oh boy. Look her up, she is the most beautiful manga character you'll ever see.)
KittenInBlack KittenInBlack Oct 09, 2016
To think this amazing work was written by some one as annoying as you... Jk, love youuu, in a friendly way if that makes sense 😁😉