Cinderella {Yandere Prince x Reader}

Cinderella {Yandere Prince x Reader}

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Trash By NunJoon94 Updated Jun 13

Y/N is just a girl who,after her parents' death,is being mistreated by her stepmother and evil sisters...

One day she meets a young and handsome prince.
He,being obsessed with the young girl, tries everything to find her again.

She will be his even if she doesn't want to.

Once she got into this,there's no return...

  • cinderella
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  • stepmother
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I got no problem falling inlove with a handsome yandere its because im confident that they wont cheat on you ,but the only problem is that they can kill your family or friends😂
Oh! I have to make a good impression!
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                              GO away bitch. >:l
I would have been like this
                              OK I am going to be in my room.
                              Then go into my room and pack up my stuff. Then walk back downstairs. Stare at them some more then say
                              I am going to get a job sooo... See you bitches!! :D
Hello! I already prepared the doghouse for you, because we don't allow bitches in the house.
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Um no I’m out, work? Unless you’re nice to me I ain’t doing nothing
From what I checked 'chibi' is like short. So I have a short voice. I never knew.