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Joker X Reader: The Dirty Joke

Joker X Reader: The Dirty Joke

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Creme' And Cookies By Kawyan-Dere Updated a day ago

Joker X Female Reader, WARNING! For Mature Audiences. 

After Harleen Quinzel had cheated on Joker, he was furious. He left Harley, and told her never to come back. Her betray with Ivy was devastating, or at least. One would have thought so,  Joker seemed to be hurt for only a week. Then it was as if Harley never exists, He continues on his mayhem alone. At least in till he, he became obsessed, he had lost sight of you after getting away from batman. 

But....He swore to find you. And Make. You. His

.........IM GOING TO HELL FOR READING THIS...i was already going anyways... but still..