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~Mind Slave~ Septiplier

~Mind Slave~ Septiplier

17.2K Reads 700 Votes 27 Part Story
Schizophrenic and confused By BrightNeon_CW Completed

Mark has gone crazy. Well he's been crazy for years no one could help him until he started YouTube and meet Jack or Sean.

Once he meet Sean he has been obsessed with him. He will do everything for him and anything. Even kill.

What will happen when Jack comes to L.A for a convention and instead of playing video games he gets kidnapped by his best friend and is tortured in many ways 

Can he escape the insane grasp of Mark or will he break and be under the control of Mark forever.

I am not a critic but i have a weird pet-peave  where I hate miss spelled words but i cant spell myself. I dont know why i have this pet-peave but dont think im trying to be mean i just have a stupid thing pet-peave.
Iwillbiteu Iwillbiteu Jan 28
I was yelling senpai. Then mark said Jack was his senpai now I am happy
One could argue a lot of Jack's laughs sound on the brink of hysteria. XD
Imaginary-Insanity Imaginary-Insanity Sep 08, 2016
This is just like the horror movies. People don't be stupid, just leave! MY GOSH XD
*claps hands to the beat* I love senpai yes I do! He's for me, not for you! I love senpai yes I do! He's for me not for you!
Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Nov 27, 2016
Don't you watch horror movies?!? DONT OPEN THE DOOR JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! *walks in through door anyway*