The Bad Lands [boyxboy]

The Bad Lands [boyxboy]

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Make Me (Cry) By lostboys_lostgirls Updated Nov 22

Jude and his brother, Joshua have been alone since the apocalypse phase of World War III began, his parents being killed by the bio-terrorism that came after the first attack. The first attack was made by North Korea, it was a weapon that wiped out all electricity and anything that ran off of it. And since in his time, everything had evolved into being electronic, the country was thrown into panic.

Jude and his brother begin to travel once they hear word that there is a place, The New World, where they have managed to get electricity and a steady supply of food, slowly rebuilding the fallen country.

But one thing stands in their way, the Savages, that seem to be everywhere and ruthlessly kill those in their path. So when Jude and Joshua get caught he is surprised when he isn't killed, just kidnapped, but he will find out that the reasons behind that are much bigger than he was led on.

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