We'll Help You ➳ Scotty Sire Fanfiction & Viners

We'll Help You ➳ Scotty Sire Fanfiction & Viners

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{Characters: Scotty Sire, The Gabbie Show, Zane and Heath, David Dobrik, Lizzza, Alex Ernest, Jason Nash, Brandon Calvillo, KingBach, Amanda Cerny, Meghan McCarthy, Joey Ahern, Mark Fishbach, and Thomas Sanders.}

My name is Haley Ashlen. I'm 23 years old. I have dark wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Also straight white teeth and long eyelashes. I am popular on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Musical.ly, Snapchat, and YouTube.  It all began on one vine with my best friend, Hope.  I graduated high school 5 years ago but I still live with my parents. I need to move somewhere. Away.

I'm thinking either LA, Philly, or New York City.

Continued in 'We'll Help You.' 

WARNING: Strong Language, Maybe Sexual Content, No Ideas XD.

Derp_Catz Derp_Catz Nov 11, 2016
lol its a good story but its not really an x reader its more viners x oc or you or whoever this character is based off of. Once again i want to say its a good story.
princelirious princelirious Oct 02, 2016
Are her brother's name by any chance related to JackSepticeye?
I have three brothers, the ages of all of us in order are 17, 14, 12 (I'm 12) and a 5 month old
I have three older brothers, they're pretty EH. It's really not THAT bad, though.