Art From the Looney Bin

Art From the Looney Bin

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Dodgie Doodle By GameGal261 Updated Dec 19, 2017

Welcome to Dodge's Mental Hospital, home to 90+ mentally screwed up OCs. If you're new here, then sit back in the electric chair while I give you the grand tour of our lovely home.

We have a few wardrobes and portals to Narnia and the TARDIS and several Star Destroyers, so try not to wander off too far, the hospital can become a maze that can kill you. Yes sometimes gorey things happen here, but don't worry, as our new patient, you'll be fine... Maybe...

*evil laughter*

Nah, we're gonna feast on your soul! >w< you have been warned!


But seriously no stealing/copying/anythinglikethat here, or I will unleash our hell upon you o-o


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