The Malik's Dolls || z.m.

The Malik's Dolls || z.m.

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How far would you go to win a million dollars?

Would you tell some lies?

Would you risk your younger sister's life and safety?

Or would you completely expose yourself to a total stranger and to many other feasting eyes?

How about all three?

That's what I, Zara Diaz did for a chance at million dollars and to be crowned The Malik's Queen from being his doll.

WARNING: Contains graphic sexual content

Cover credits to @Spitefully

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Justin4life- Justin4life- Mar 18, 2017
I'm 17, have a boyfriend whose friends are big ass perverts I think I'll survive! 😹😹😹
I've been reading smut since I was 12 so I used to it now😂😂
oh pls ive been reading smut since i was 11 so i think ill be fine
A_username_2006 A_username_2006 Apr 02, 2017
Bruh I've been reading smut since I was nine. What do ya think?
Justin4life- Justin4life- Mar 18, 2017
I swear to god my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy cause I'm obsessed with fanfics😹😹😹😩😁
gotthis4242 gotthis4242 Sep 23, 2016
I'm 14 but if it helps my birthday is on April 1st one make fun of me I can smell hear and see the jokes coming😂😂😂