A Players Worst Nightmare

A Players Worst Nightmare

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India MT By MariaCook Updated Oct 11, 2013


"What the hell is your problem Mr. Deville" I yelled at him knowing that we were now alone after everyone had left the little Halloween Party we just had. He looked up at me and shook his head. 

"You're my problem. You." He sneered getting out of my seat and walking towards me. I back away immediately, backing out of his office. Then my back hit a wall. Damn these narrow hallways. 

"Stop sir." 

"Stop calling me sir. Call me Devin, I told you that." He fumed as he grabbed my hair roughly, he knows how much that turns me on. I push at his chest. 
"Stop it!" I say firmly.

"No." He answers calmly then his hands are on my thighs and lifting my body against him and the wall. Fuck I'm screwed again. 

Carrie Rider, a cold hearted female who uses men up like some napkin she can blow her snort into and trash them when she is finished. 

Devin Deville, he doesn't even have a heart to be cold when it comes to how he handles woman in and outside of his business. 

Carrie met Devin on her first day of work as a Real Estate Agent. He owns the company Deville's Developments. He's the main boss, what ever he says goes. Long story short, on the first day of Carrie meeting her new boss Devin Deville, they have a nice fuck session on the table in the break room. The next day Devin is expecting Carrie to be like the other women he sleeps with. Clingy, crazy, and want some kind of commitment. No. Instead she is exactly the opposite. She isn't clingy, she's calm always, and doesn't want any commitment, no way. Devin is cool with all of that, but he doesn't like how much she has been ignoring him and giving him the cold shoulder. It drives him crazy because he isn't used to being ignored. He's used to getting what ever he wants from a woman. Carrie is used to getting what she wanted as well, and what she wants is for Deville to leave her alone and to realize that their fling was a one time thing. 

Read this book and see how things turn out? ok cool ^.^

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minkafox minkafox Sep 05, 2016
I'm just glas that she isnt a cliche insecure blushing virgin who slut shames and makeup shames and is a pushover. She is refreshing to read, please keep up the good work