Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down

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hayleyfromparahmore By hayleyfromparahmore Updated Oct 11

-"I wanna sleep next to you, but that's all i wanna do right now. So come over now, and talk me down."-

Unrequited love. The worst kind of love. 
Have you ever liked someone, had a crush on someone or even as far as loved someone you know will never return the feelings? 

It's worse when you're in love with your straight best friend. When you haven't even come out yourself yet, when you have to hide who you are just to avoid the hate that comes with being gay. It hurts. 

But when you start noticing you're best friend who you are ever so in love with seems to care about you in a way she doesn't with her other friends, does she care about you the way you care about her? 

Or is it just wishful thinking?

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Second time leggo! Even if it's not completed yet 😂😂😂
Not really. I have a girl best friend. She cuddles up against me every time she's scared during a movie. I hold her tightly and she doesn't complain; because she knows I wouldn't do anything to her
When you say popular girls all I can think of is Heathers lol
Listen up guys. As cliché as this sounds, I fell for my best friend. And I don't regret a thing
Ndcech Ndcech Apr 12
to a lesser degree bc I'm demisexual/romantic and the feelings themselves seem to be a little different for me compared to the norm, but still it's like god daMN I love this girl
ggfictrash ggfictrash Jan 30
I have an idea of how this is gonna go down and I don't like it ):