Book Wormer Reader's Club

Book Wormer Reader's Club

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TheDogWhoReads By TheDogWhoReads Updated Feb 11

If you need a book club that will help you get genuine comments and advices, well here is the book club for you. 

Welcome to BOOK WORMER READER CLUB version 2.0

Dog will help you find readers that will critique your stories and gain advises to your stories.

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JazzmynElva JazzmynElva Jan 20
UN: JazzmynElva 
                              Story: Angee 
                              Parts: 58 
                              Genre: Chicklit 
                              Fav. Author: Dan Brown - magaling kasi syang author ng mga fictional stories. 
                              BWRC Password: Beagle 
                              Group: Milk and Biscuits  #BWRC
tiaramaxx tiaramaxx Jan 20
Un: @tiaramaxx 
                              Story: Seductress
                              Parts: 21
                              Genre: Vampire 
                              Fav Author: Jaysarmy. She's so awesome. She inspires me so much and that she's a b*tch and cool at the same time. I love her! 
                              Password: Husky  #BWRC
UN: RonJamesGwapo
                              Story: The Soul Watcher
                              Parts: 5
                              Genre: Fantasy, Humor. 
                              Fave Author: For Wattpad writers, I have Beeyotch, Owwsic, and Pilosopotasya because I like the way they make me laugh and the way they inflict pain to my heart. 
                              Shakespeare or Dickens: Shakespeare
Cagey_00 Cagey_00 Feb 10
Un : @Cagey_00
                              Title : Black Gate : School of Gangster
                              Parts : 12
                              Genre : Action
                              Fav. Author : April_Avery 
                              Shakespeare or Dickens : Shakespear 
                              Password : Shitzu
                              Group : Milk and Biscuits
mayounis mayounis Jan 19
Bat wala nang in line? Mas maganda po siguro kung may in line na, may general review din sa dulo :)
mejarie mejarie Jan 21
UN: mejarie
                              Story: Bitter No More
                              Parts: 15
                              Genre: Romance
                              Fave Author: Bo Sanchez. He's really inspiring. You'll learn to make your life beautiful and embrace it.
                              Shakespeare na lang, hindi ako familiar kay Dickens
                              Short Story
                              PW: Askal #BWRC