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Mystreet X Reader

Mystreet X Reader

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The Neko girl Nano By NekoGirl_Nano Completed

This is about (y/n), her dream was to become a talented (maybe famous) singer. She managed to do that but she's now at the age of 25 and wants do to something else. She moves to Phoenix drop and buys a house in mystreet. She meets new friends, old friends and.. lovers?

reader x  Garroth
This is my first x reader and mystreet book, please be kind to author-chan!
I do not own all characters! The most characters belong to Aphmau (youtube)

MariaPupluv MariaPupluv Mar 15
0.0 ohh~ the characters are perfect~! I could totally see them saying this stuff too!!! In a lot of fan fictions the characters don't act like the original character so it gets be a bit frustrated at times... But this was perfect I'm loving the story so far^^
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv Mar 16
Just a tip I don't think you could just dye your hair before every concert as it... Well for one it wouldn't be very convenient, I would imagine instead (y/n) could maybe get some hair color changing potions~ since this is Mystreet and all lol
KL_FanFiction KL_FanFiction 17 hours ago
ADD, Dyslexic, Costa phobic, Anxiety,  allergic to stuff, Depression, Afraid of water the darkness and dad, I don't leave my room, and I have a dog named oreo
1. "Kawaii~Chan's name is Kawaii~Chan"
                              Seems kinda obvious 
                              2. Ehhhhhh SHIPPING SHRINES!!! *walks to my Zane~Chan and Kaimau shipping shrine and giggles weirdly* Hehehehehuhuhuhahuhuha
_Skylar__ _Skylar__ 3 days ago
I'll say in my band when I perform I make my hair and ombré sunset
KL_FanFiction KL_FanFiction 17 hours ago
No I killed them all... JK I got three still living. I'm going to pick Jopiah( aka Josiah that's just what I call him)