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Tsukiko Hitachiin (OHSHC)

Tsukiko Hitachiin (OHSHC)

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Eustella Hoshiko By Katriana12 Updated Oct 28, 2016

Tsukiko Hitachiin. The Hitachiin's Triplet. Her brothers hate her because for some reason, but her mother loves her. When her mother's sister came over, Tsukiko, wanted to live with her aunt, so she moved to America with her. When she came back she came back a whole lot different. She had secrets she would only tell if she trusted you. Will her brothers grow to love her when she comes back. Will she tell her secrets.

try_hard_taurus try_hard_taurus Sep 14, 2016
I like the list of likings.
                              guns and fighting.
                              you forgot the twisting peoples necks when angry
Everyone is saying how short they are while I'm just here like I'm 5'7 do yeah...
- - Dec 27, 2016
Isn't that Mato Kuroi from Black Rock Shooter, in her well... Black Rock Shooter, form? XD
-miss-mysterious- -miss-mysterious- Dec 05, 2016
is she the daughter of Satan or do I just watch too much Blue Exorcist?
Tomori_Kazehaya Tomori_Kazehaya Dec 15, 2016
She is shorter then Honey?! That makes her an elf!!! And she's 15
wait XD I'm confused as heck. my fear is no fear? like I'm scared of no fear? no fear is my weakness?? wth I don't get it.