The Hitwoman || Drake (Coming Soon)

The Hitwoman || Drake (Coming Soon)

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Jay By JayCaprio Updated Sep 16, 2016

"One job! One fucking job and you better complete it I don't care okay?!"

"I can't do it.." 

"And why the fuck not?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest

"I love him.."

"You what?!"


"How did that happen?! Leah come on you were not suppose to fall in love with him! What the fuck!"

"I promised you I would get it done and I-I will just let me do it on my time my way please."

She sighed, "Okay. Get it done though don't let me down."

"I won't, just let me do this myself." 

I knew it wasn't part of the plan, I was suppose to have killed him months ago. I kept pushing it back and falling deeper and deeper in love with him, and now I know this is a heartache I'll have to suck up because I have a job to do I have to kill him. That's what I was hired to do, emotions has to be put to the side.

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CuteGirl4566 CuteGirl4566 Aug 26, 2016
I Cried and This the first sentence Jay What you doing to me baby?😂😂
1111111I 1111111I Aug 22, 2016
Lorddddd this bout ta be a juicy story😭👏🏾🐸☕️☕️☕️
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Aug 21, 2016
Shid aine nobody stopping you baby girl🙌 *sips orange juice cleaning glasses*
Was I the only one thinking about how if this was csi they would have found the dna on her cigarette eventually
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Aug 21, 2016
Ok Chris if you wanna keep ya unborns and stay in royalty life I advise yo stupid áss to move 😊
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Aug 21, 2016
Ok how about you let him have a one dance then make him think y'all going home cuz you on ya worst behavior and then when you get to Marvin's room you gone take car of each other but when he asks what's my name you gone be like man down and shoot his áss