BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionare

BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionare

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Janice Martana By beyondlocks Completed

BLS #2

Sky Locason
Billionare that never fail to make girls knee go weak. He has the charm that everyone envy. Hates everyone who tried to hurt his family and his closest friends. He never give someone mercy , he always ended up crushing them in the end.

Janet Stanmore
Ordinary girl who loves to write a blog , she got money from there and working part time at the restaurant as waitress. She's really kind heart girl but she hates when people treat other not in a right way.

" 'Never play with fire because you'll get burn' heard that saying? Well sweetheart you just entered hell and you're facing the devil himself " Sky said with his cold tone and giving Janet his evil stare

Editor : Shinjasanjeev

Okay you didn't have to do all literally have enough money to get a suit made in Europe and flew first class back to you in the same day😒
don't look at the comments in this if you don't want spoilers
viaraaa viaraaa Apr 24
LMFAOOO no wonder in the first book she REALLY hated sky in her blog
F that was me I would cry tf out... MY LIFE IS ALREADY WORST I DON'T NEED YOUR SH**