The Semideus

The Semideus

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Every year, mortals are to discover and see the world of Mythology.
    But not all.
    The only ones who pass the test can come and see their world, and in time you will be a fully-pledged Semideus.
    Come and enter the world of Greek Mythology.
    (Semi = demi, deus = god)
    This story is in TAGALOG-ENGLISH
    Plagiarism is a crime and this is not yet edited, please bare with my typographical errors and for the bad grammars. Thank you. 
    Highest ranking achieved: #5 in fantasy!

Credits to @pennywithaney for the awesome cover

[ greek myths series ]

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KennaLewis KennaLewis Aug 20, 2017
So, does this story mean it's half a deuces. So instead of leaving all cool like and when you're supposed to say deuces, you day "Deuc". 
                              Omg what a crappy joke 😓😓😢
TheAnonymousBastard TheAnonymousBastard May 06, 2017
Kalmado siya, unlike the others who are running excitedly. Ganyan nga. 'Wag ipahalata na thrilled ka rin, kalma lang haha...
AmberZelin AmberZelin Apr 26, 2017
"All" and "others" are contradicting. Choose one.
                              All are screaming
                              The others are screaming
TheBlueConundrum TheBlueConundrum Apr 27, 2017
Period na siguro after [Tumakbo ako palayo doon at nahulog]. You can also used em dash instead of comma after [where I was before].
AmberZelin AmberZelin Apr 26, 2017
You do know what mythology means right? 😂😂
                              "Any invented story, idea, or concept"