The Semideus: Demigods

The Semideus: Demigods

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lost By lostmortals Updated 5 days ago

Every year, mortals are to discover and see the world of Mythology.

But not all.

The only ones who pass the test can come and see their world, and in time you will be a fully-pledged Semideus.

Come and enter the world of Greek Mythology.

(Semi = demi, deus = god)

This story is in Taglish.

Plagiarism is a crime and this is not yet edited, please bare with my typographical errors and for the bad grammars. Thank you. 

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Full credits to @mikaelstats for the book cover

Wow! Mythology based story. Mukhang masisiyahan ako nito. The prologue is very catchy and super love ko ito. :)
Wow, first time kong maka basa ng fantasy at pang greek mythology pa ang peg! Haha ang ganda!
Another wow moment! Nakakaexcite yung nangyayari. Athena is having a test and I wonder how it will be solved by her students. :)
Ang gnda nya talaga! Nakaka excite po syang basahin haha tska the way you wrote the story po talagang maiintindihan ng reader :)
-SilverPen -SilverPen Sep 20
This is good i must admit. Mythology plus mystery is very enticing. Good job!
-SilverPen -SilverPen Sep 20
Pag mythology ang genre ill be there as fast as zeus' lightning!