Damon [To Be Published]

Damon [To Be Published]

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Queen Farrah👑 By glitter_xox Completed

Living alone isn't the best thing to do, when your psycho boyfriend is looking for you. 

I guess moving to the other side of the world is great right? It's better than anticipating him to break your window at night, and strangle you to death. 

But what's worst is that your new boss decides to move into your penthouse apartment. 

He can afford a mansion but he would rather live with me? An awkward woman?

Not that I mind waking up to see him cooking...
Now that's a sight to see...
Amazing cover made by- @lost48

hyacinthlau hyacinthlau Feb 09
Does he leave his vehicle unattended .. Cuz people can steal ir
capucyn capucyn Jan 19
*She's always been the beautiful one or She's always been the most beautiful * just tryna help
They are tall... my friend is a freshman in HS and he's 6'2, and this guy on the basketball team (idk his year) is almost 7 feet
How many of us went to check on the Internet for the meaning?
Jacklyn Jacklyn Jan 18
It's not always about sex. Sorry but sex is important in a relationship, it's intimacy that you share as a couple. Otherwise why not just be friends.
prettyvswag prettyvswag Jan 18
I almost thought it said I may need something different than Jesus😂😂😂