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Farrah Gold❤ By glitter_xox Completed

Living alone isn't the best thing to do, when your psycho boyfriend is looking for you. 

I guess moving to the other side of the world is great right? It's better than anticipating him to break your window at night, and strangle you to death. 

But what's worst is that your new boss decides to move into your penthouse apartment. 

He can afford a mansion but he would rather live with me? An awkward woman?

Not that I mind waking up to see him cooking...
Now that's a sight to see...

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JordinMariah JordinMariah Dec 12, 2017
Um ...jeans are okay, it’s just winter ❄️ is barely a season out here 🤣
JordinMariah JordinMariah Dec 12, 2017
Clearly you’re not cheating b/c sex isn’t even on the list for you 🤨
mnknmnkn mnknmnkn Jan 05
In all reality though, if your not giving it up, he’ll get it from someone else. It’s kind of expected that he’ll cheat if you don’t
SwervEQeeN SwervEQeeN Dec 17, 2017
Is a guy cheats on you and one of the reasons are because you aren’t ready for sex then he wasn’t really committed to you in the first place.
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Oct 29, 2017
Hello,  it's me.  I come from a family with actual ability to raise children as equals.  We all earn our stuff with working,  oldest to youngest.
GoldenLight_ GoldenLight_ Nov 19, 2017
My ex cheat on me, before that i told him that i don't want to do sex with him.