Just My Luck (BDSM|ManxMan) 18+

Just My Luck (BDSM|ManxMan) 18+

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YasmineFernandez9984 By YasmineFernandez9984 Updated Sep 27

When playboy Gavin Daniels wanted to spice up his sex life, he have his eyes set on a handsome muscled dominant. The twink thinks he can top anyone including Master Viktor. Never once he's ever bottom and not planning to. He's on a mission to make Master Viktor moan his name. 

Seducing anyone is what Gavin is good at, teasing his prey and make them sexually frustrated. All seems to go plan when Master Viktor has trick up his sleeve. It will be his pleasure to put the naughty twink in his place. 

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Ssaarrtt Ssaarrtt Oct 30
U know it's gon b good when chapter 1 starts like this 😫😫
KaySetonks KaySetonks Aug 20
Oh gavin are you sure, sounds like you are playing with fire, viktor is obviously a seasoned dominant, and you sound as if you at least dress like a sub.  Dominants don't take to subs topping from the bottom, so do you have a plan!
Keetcha Keetcha Aug 20
I picture Gavin with a smirk on his face, thinking "and that's how it's done".
ssttyyl ssttyyl Aug 19
Just reading this i am so freaking excited to read this!!!!!!!!
Fujoshiswag Fujoshiswag Aug 20
yasssss bitch what happens next i can just imagine his wtf just happened face lol
elfgirl77 elfgirl77 Aug 19
God this so hot and well i wouldn't  mind  princess  topping  🙈