Yes, Mr. Kim | Vkook

Yes, Mr. Kim | Vkook

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yikes By chipkookie Updated Nov 18

❝You will do as I say, do you understand?❞

❝Yes, Mr. Kim❞

Kim Taehyung is the new boss at his father's company and in need of a new secretary. 
Jeon Jungkook, with a business degree, decides this is the perfect job for him and snatches up the offer.
But what he didn't sign up for was to find Mr. Kim messing with his head and ordering him to do everything he says.

im a virgin, so am i qualified enough to be taken by you Mr taeddy ? 🙈🙈
                              This interview is interesting. Esp, if taes the interviewerㅋㅋㅋ
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko 4 days ago
No your still a fetus...
                              If you're grown, then you a Grown Woman
jizzhobi21 jizzhobi21 6 days ago
Then how could you get an apartment at the centre of the city...
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko 4 days ago
I read gold ring... First thing that came into my head was Alois...
                              Then I remember the is a VKook fanfic
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko 4 days ago
I love all your stories!!
                              Can't wait for this one!
                              Also #Relatable
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko 4 days ago
Is this a foreshadowing.....
                              Tae is the Joker in the War of Hormone dance practice video...