|Liar|  Jacksepticeye X Suicidal Reader

|Liar| Jacksepticeye X Suicidal Reader

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Trigger Warning!⚠

"I sorta accidenly almost hit her with my car."

"I'm sorry, alright? I'll admit, I suck at driving."

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Oh hey Mark. Are you going to try to murder me again? (I read to many fanfics
You didn't realize I was there my ass, Sean. 
He must of just got his license because last I checked irl he doesn't have one XD
wow, wait... ME doing all the chores? Aww hell naw. I'm the lady, you do that stuff for me instead you dickhead!
This is why I need to almost die so I can make friends (joking, don't be angry about this silly nothing. Move on, I said nothing. I'm nobody)
I know a demon named Alyssa. She's really aggressive and hurts her friends. I used to be her friend but screw that