changing rooms ▵ muke

changing rooms ▵ muke

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rose By -riptidemuke Updated Nov 27, 2016

"oh fuck! i'm so sorry!" 

in which michael forgets to lock the door in his changing room and luke accidentally walks in.


(warning : there's a lot of smut going on )

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why would you raise your ass into the air in a cHANGING ROOM??????
If I had that kind of money, I'd waste it on hotties and cheese sticks.
softbay softbay Jun 13
I honestly wouldn't mind if it as any of the boys walking in on me
what if andrea can tell the future and set this up to happen
dopecliffoconda dopecliffoconda Aug 15, 2016
This sorta happened to me before!! When I was younger I went to the restroom but I didn't close the door at all and this boy who lived in the same apartments saw me in my underwear! I pulled my pants up and slammed the door so hard!!!! I was so embarrassed