The Winchesters Son

The Winchesters Son

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LoveMeSomeSTEREK By Patnis Updated 6 days ago

Stiles is a skinny, defenseless human dating a werewolf. Derek Hale, Stiles's boyfriend, is an alpha of a pack. 

Dean Winchester is the husband of Castiel Winchester, and the father of Stiles Winchester. Castiel Winchester is an angel who gave birth to Stiles. Sh, Stiles doesn't know that, though! He also doesn't know that they're both hunters along with his Uncle Sam... 

Many secrets lie ahead for everybody...

That's right Sammy this just turned to a teenagers horror stoy
Okay that was little mean you are married to a goddamn angle for crist sake
A dude can not get pregnant I should know I took sex ed like almost 3 damn times