Niall horan dirty Imagine

Niall horan dirty Imagine

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Jieun By tictactoe95 Updated Jul 09, 2014

(your pov)

It was your 19th birthday , all your friends travelled half across the world to see you because you lived in london with your perents but you had your own house . and they lived in America. Your mom and dad had been planning this party for quite some time now because it was such a big deal to them , YOU WHERE GOING TO BE  19!! , you where almost an adult . you looked around expicting your boyfriend to be there , as you looked  around some more but gave up , he wasnt there .    A coulple hours later , the party was over , your friends left to go to a hotel and you where on the way home , your parents aksed if you wanted a lift home from them , but you declined there offer and decided to walk .   a few menutes later you felt a buzz come from your clutch purse , as you took your phone out of your bag you saw you had a text from your boyfriend , you read the text it read 

' Hey babe , sorry i couldnt be at your party tonight , me and the boys where caught up doing recording th...

nautikkaf nautikkaf Apr 05, 2016
This is a really God story so far I love you u are like a star
VelvetMuffin VelvetMuffin Sep 08, 2013
Its sooo guuuud xxxx can you do me a shout out? Love You Meggy xxxx