The Teaching Assistant Awakens

The Teaching Assistant Awakens

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Johanna Reylo Trash By johannaistrash Updated Sep 23, 2016

Finn told her not to TA for Professor Solo... 
Finn told her he was crazy...
Finn told her that she would regret this...
But Finn didn't tell him that he would love this...

He's a big stuffy hot shot professor who's job includes scaring nuns into  telling the truth and cursing at children . 

She just wants to finish this and get signed to a firm so she can finally enjoy her life . 

•••Original Characters by George Lucas •••
*** all art goes to rightful***
• Rated M for Mature ; mature language, sexual situations

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mikie545 mikie545 Jan 13
"Valedictorian? A girl?" Lmao I'm a girl and I was a valedictorian already. Ben's so judge mental...I love your book tho! Then again, I love all your Reylo books. Keep em coming!
Bellonia Bellonia Jan 14, 2017
Is there a problemb with that?😡
                              Geesh, you'd think they'd hire a professor that WASNT sexist.
Fluffy_Kitty_Poptart Fluffy_Kitty_Poptart Jan 29, 2017
Behave?!?! Behave??!?! Rey. Behaving. I'LL TEACH YOU A F***ing LESSON IN BEHAVIOUR, KYLO F***ING REN!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😏
50shadesofreylo 50shadesofreylo Aug 14, 2016
He kinda reminds me of Severus Snape!😂😂 I want Adam as Snape in a Snape movie!
Fluffy_Kitty_Poptart Fluffy_Kitty_Poptart Jan 29, 2017
I F***ing LOVE this gif! It's so funny and true and amazing and Reylo!!
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Jan 02, 2017
Excuse me Ben, but us women are good for more than "coffee and take attendance". What about Annabeth? She led an army to help Percy save. The. Damn. WORLD!