Little Miss Joker {DISCONTINUED}

Little Miss Joker {DISCONTINUED}

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My name is Miss Runae Quinn-Joker, forgive me, My parents are Harley Quinn and Mr.J as mom calls him, anyway. I used to be Normal despite being raised by parents who weren't sane at all. I was the only sane one, until one day. It all changed.

I came home..
My Dad dragged me onto a table
I was tortured.
I now have no sanity left in me at all.
I'm ready to help bring Gotham down to our feet.

(Any of the characters that are used in this story All belong to DC except for my OCS, But they are the CHILDREN of the original ones! Thank you for reading my story!)

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MCR!!!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!!!! Gerard! Mikey! Frank!Ray!Bob! They are life!
ChronoRunae ChronoRunae Aug 14, 2016
I'm so sorry 😂 I mean I've seen Suicide Squad like a lot! This is actually my favorite part of the movie.
NoTamers NoTamers Aug 14, 2016
I saw this and next thing you know I'm on the ground with a fangirl caused nosebleed
I'm listening to Crybaby rn 😂😂 coincidence? I think not!
ill_be_back ill_be_back Dec 18, 2016
You try to explaine but before you can start, those crybaby tears, come out of the dark.