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Alpha Stone

Alpha Stone

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Fictonlover134 By Fictonlover134 Updated Mar 23

Alpha Stone

I am deadly and heartless" Mate. Mine!" His lips were suddenly being placed on mine . It was static electricity . Physical electricity .My eyes went wide and I pushed him off with all the strength I had . " What do you think your doing?!l I snapped. " I'm kissing what's mine ! " He growled . An animalistic growl.
No . He can't be.
I'm imagining things . 
" I don't know what your problem is but I'm not yours . " I tried to reach for the door handle but he grabbed my hand before I could ." Your my mate . ".
Alpha Stone #71 in werewolf 

What they don't know ? 

I crave the love my parents share . I always have .
I've searched for my mate for 3 years now .
The more I look for her , the more I get lost in ongoing  pain. So to deal with it , 
I sleep around . 
Sure , I've got girls head over heels for me but that's not love . That's not what I want .

Everything changes the day I meet her . The most kind hearted girl I ever met . Lilac .
My mate.

I hate my life . I hate everything about it . After my parents died , they put me in foster care . Since then I've  been so screwed up. I feel as if I can't take no more .The moving place to place , new parents . It doesn't feel right . Everything felt so wrong until I got moved again to a new set of parents . New school.

I had done  it a million time but this time ... it was different . A guy. A overly handsome guy that made my heart skip a beat every time I looked at him. 
Who is he ?

TBH I clicked on it because Shawn is on the cover lol😆😍
                              It's a good story so far btw
flowwers flowwers Dec 23, 2016
If this book didn't have Shawn's face on it I wouldn't feel weird reading it.
DevilEvil DevilEvil Aug 27, 2016
Oh yeah! I seriously don't horny teenagers like u so u ought to get sense beaten into u!
tumblr_girlxx tumblr_girlxx Oct 11, 2016
I don't dont even know your name all I remember is that smile on your face....❤️❤️❤️❤️ SHAWN PETER RAUL MENDES
XD HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA 'Feisty. I like it." he says as he is in pain XD I think I might like him
teenwolfonedirectin teenwolfonedirectin Nov 30, 2016
She didnt tell her the locker number so how she know where its at