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Alpha Stone

Alpha Stone

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Fictonlover134 By Fictonlover134 Updated 16 hours ago

Alpha Stone

I am deadly and heartless" Mate. Mine!" His lips were suddenly being placed on mine . It was static electricity . Physical electricity .My eyes went wide and I pushed him off with all the strength I had . " What do you think your doing?!l I snapped. " I'm kissing what's mine ! " He growled . An animalistic growl.
No . He can't be.
I'm imagining things . 
" I don't know what your problem is but I'm not yours . " I tried to reach for the door handle but he grabbed my hand before I could ." Your my mate . ".
Alpha Stone #71 in werewolf 

What they don't know ? 

I crave the love my parents share . I always have .
I've searched for my mate for 3 years now .
The more I look for her , the more I get lost in ongoing  pain. So to deal with it , 
I sleep around . 
Sure , I've got girls head over heels for me but that's not love . That's not what I want .

Everything changes the day I meet her . The most kind hearted girl I ever met . Lilac .
My mate.

I hate my life . I hate everything about it . After my parents died , they put me in foster care . Since then I've  been so screwed up. I feel as if I can't take no more .The moving place to place , new parents . It doesn't feel right . Everything felt so wrong until I got moved again to a new set of parents . New school.

I had done  it a million time but this time ... it was different . A guy. A overly handsome guy that made my heart skip a beat every time I looked at him. 
Who is he ?

flowwers flowwers Dec 23, 2016
If this book didn't have Shawn's face on it I wouldn't feel weird reading it.
DevilEvil DevilEvil Aug 27, 2016
Oh yeah! I seriously don't horny teenagers like u so u ought to get sense beaten into u!
tumblr_girlxx tumblr_girlxx Oct 11, 2016
I don't dont even know your name all I remember is that smile on your face....❤️❤️❤️❤️ SHAWN PETER RAUL MENDES
Rainy_Day_Tomgirl Rainy_Day_Tomgirl Sep 19, 2016
He now she's to young to have a boyfriend,  heck I never had one was a nerd and bullied growing up now 34 still single no drama never dated ever focused on life goes got no time to get into drama and be let down by a guy.
teenwolfonedirectin teenwolfonedirectin Nov 30, 2016
She didnt tell her the locker number so how she know where its at
nanojnaydi nanojnaydi Feb 11
Yesss !! It leaves you wanting to know what's next .. really interesting !