The Alphas Rejected Mate

The Alphas Rejected Mate

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L_Y_R_I_C__R_A_I_N By L_Y_R_I_C__R_A_I_N Updated Jan 14

"You have got to be kidding me" Alexander muttered as he looked down at me in disgust, while I just looked down at my shoes too scared to look at him.
Then he said words that no wolf ever wants to hear.
"I, Alexander Lee Knight, reject you, Essie Marie Gonzalez, as my mate".


Essie is abused by her pack ever since her parents passed away when she was 8 years old.
She's finally going to turn 16, the age where a wolf finds their mate. But what happens when the soon to be Alpha, turns out to be her mate? Read to find out. 

Sorry if the description is bad.

readersclubbb readersclubbb Oct 09, 2016
Forget about counting it that quck how could she fit all that in a 'small box' under her bed😂
I think you have a good book don't listen to people who haven't written anything you're an excellent author keep writing
Ethaenaa Ethaenaa Oct 06, 2016
GURL I only have 5 dollars under my bed 😉😉 I'm sooooo rich
pizzaland- pizzaland- Nov 09, 2016
Even though the progress is a bit fast I can already tell this is going to be a great book! I love it already 💕!
paulishaa_u paulishaa_u Dec 28, 2016
A small loan of 4 million dollars.😂 How did she count the money so quickly?😂
Four million isn't a little darling, god damm hock me up some 🍟 fries 😂😂😂