The Psychopaths Mansion(Park Jimin)

The Psychopaths Mansion(Park Jimin)

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JIMINED By Jimin_is_slayin2837 Updated Dec 04

-"...Be Good To Him...He'll Be Good To You...Be Bad To Him...He'll Be Bad To You..."

(A fan fiction based on the horror movie, "The Boy")
      Kim Eunji lives in the Switzerland, but she moves to Korea because of her Job. Her job is being a nanny. She gets a call one day from a old couple, Mr. Park and Mrs. Park, they needed her to become their sons nanny at their mansion. When Eunji arrives at Mr. Park and Mrs. Park's mansion, she meets their son Jimin, Park Jimin. Eunji was a little surprised at first when she met their son. Their son was pretty old, probably around 16 years old. He looked too old to have a nanny, but his age wasn't the problem, the problem was that their son was a life-sized china doll. Eunji thinks this was just all a joke, but no, it wasn't. 

What happens when Eunji's stuff start to disappear? What happens when Jimin the "doll"; starts to move? What happens when Jimin the "doll" starts to speak? But most importantly, What happens when Eunji meets the "real" but psychopathic Jimin? 

A/N: Please read this book with caution~!

choihyuneun choihyuneun Nov 08
Hell nah, cuz its just like that one movie um I forgot what it was something boy
Livingasmina Livingasmina 6 days ago
i love the movie, i love jimin, everything is perfect. thank you
_Park_Sora _Park_Sora Nov 14
Love it . Do they fall in love ? I want that 😂even though it sounds crazy 😂❤️
I didnt dare to watch the movie cuz i was scared but this seems fine for me to handle ㅎㅎ
yastoon yastoon Nov 29
wait, this story is inspired from that horror movie 'the boy', right? well i like the beginning of your story ^-^
-PapiJimin -PapiJimin Oct 01
JIMIN, WHAT ARE U- WAIT I bet he's a good lookin' doll WTF AM I SAYING ;-;