His Human Mate

His Human Mate

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issootbitch By justcallmenikki7 Updated Dec 22, 2016

"You're mine, liebling," he growled out while rubbing his thumb over my cheek looking down at me, "and you're never leaving me. And the thing is, you have no say in it." When he finished, his eyes turned red while his fangs came out on display which made me shiver in fear. 


In the 1400s the supernatural creatures started roaming Earth. Humans didn't know that they were roaming and just believed that they were mythical creatures that were in movies, and stories.

Alpha Dark has been the most dangerous, notorious, scariest, feared, and respected Alpha since 1409. No one dared to fight him, or even be twenty feet near him except his two close friends Beta Jack and Warrior Liam. 

Moon Goddess, Zoja, one day decided that the most dangerous alpha should have a mate.

A human mate.

Why? Because, he needs a little light in his life. Someone who could love him for him, and possibly change his cruel ways.

Jori has no idea about any of mythical creatures, especially Alpha Dark. When one day in December going to get some wood from her barn she meets a werewolf, not any werewolf, Alpha Dark.

This is the story of how a human is mated to the big bad wolf.

Stay_Evil_Dollface Stay_Evil_Dollface Dec 25, 2016
Wattpad people only protest about age differences when the girl 15 & the guy like 25 lol
AleksaN2001 AleksaN2001 Nov 29, 2016
Werewolf. I like dogs and they don't sucked on my blood to feed
Avalon4444 Avalon4444 Oct 31, 2016
Werewolf they don't have to drink blood to survive and I love dogs