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Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye x Reader

Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye x Reader

21.1K Reads 627 Votes 24 Part Story
Trashcan~chan By Septicsam9591 Updated Feb 19

you get kidnapped by your favorite YouTubers only to find out it's there dark sides and they start to fall in love with you which one will win your heart?

Swearing warning

_The_Midnight_Rose_ _The_Midnight_Rose_ Oct 27, 2016
Anti: "your worst nightmare"
                              Me: B-But i love you *wants to start crying*
                              Anti: W-Wait what???? *Feels bad and hugs you* omfg I'm SO SORRY i didn't mean it i thought you would be scared but now imma do this  *Knocks me out*
Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Bon-Bon_Da_Bunny Nov 20, 2016
I seen that coming from a mile away!!
                              Someone else: No you didn't
                              Me: I didn't  🙂🙃
😱 my friend almost died 😱
                              Well they fainted while reading this(✖╭╮✖)っ╥╯﹏╰╥c
Septicsam9591 Septicsam9591 Nov 29, 2016
@QueenOfAllYourMemes me with my friends we middle finger each other and then we say love you XD
Septicsam9591 Septicsam9591 Oct 27, 2016
Well I'm glad people are making friends in my story comments @_The_Midnight_Rose_  @miss231
cringeymemequeen cringeymemequeen Nov 29, 2016
I would say to my friends "Hate u" and respond with "Hate u 2"