The Cool Kids Table

The Cool Kids Table

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oh... hi? By Br0ken_Barbie Updated Mar 12

"How the hell have Craig and Tweek been together this long?"

"When did Butters become popular?"

Legends say that there's one table, the most mightiest of all that only a few could rest their asses upon, and that is... 

•The Cool Kid's Table•

This is just another one of my shitty Style/Creek/Bunny fanfics... Enjoy I guess XD

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The nickname coming from Butters give me bad PTSD flashbacks
Lmao Clyde pretending to like Bebe. I know you're obsessed with Kevin, Clyde
ltnkopi ltnkopi Mar 11
that's exactly why if these guys went to my school, I'd sit next to them.
Screams because it's Craig's Gang and will always be Craig's Gang
Littlepurpledemon Littlepurpledemon 3 days ago
I will have a very SEXY day you to for all the people who read this
Kyanitta Kyanitta Jan 04
Make it for the life, Eric. They're destined together ❤️