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An Old Friend ~Ash X Reader~

An Old Friend ~Ash X Reader~

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PokémonTrainerSam246 By dog-lover-sam-3144 Updated 5 days ago

(Y/n) (L/n), a 16 1/2 year old girl from Pallet town. She lived happily in pallet town with her best friend Ash Ketchum. They did everything together.. Until at age 9, she had to move to the Kalos region for her parent's new job. Her first Pokemon, new journey, everything, it was all without ash. What will happen when she meets a certain someone? What will happen to her journey now?

Really that's kind of dumb telling them your name when they already know😂😂😂
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- Apr 15
But why didn't Serena become jelly? And I'm just so SAVAGE when I said 'Who said you'll win?' 😯
I heard you cuddle with your pikachu ash * insert meme face here *
Finally a story where I can me  a pokemon master like  I am in the games
TwixMixz TwixMixz Apr 17
Seriously My hat is light green and my shirt is blue then it's my backpack UGHHH
I want Ghost type pajamas. I don't care which Pokémon I just want it to be a ghost type.