Childhood (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

Childhood (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

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"You remember me now, don't you?"

"I guess," I looked around, trying to ignore it.

"Well, if you keep denying me then I'll just have to show you!" Jack grabbed my wrist and began running right to the old tree we both knew as kids...


By the way, this book is horrible. Okay, thanks. I have horrible vocabulary too.
Read more to find out what happens! Very long fanfiction, I apologize! <3 Each chapter will be at least 300+ words.

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Lafferuck Lafferuck Aug 08
I used to want to be an 8th grade art teacher but now I don't want to because... kids, man
Hell no. I feel like slapping all of the children already, what makes you think that I would be a teacher!?
All we need to do is break into his house through the vents. Trust me, I've mapped out the whole ventilation system, and I am planning to use that knowledge in the future, but that's not important!
This is scary... I started to read this... and I’m in English class
xDarcey xDarcey Aug 20
Would be better if you didn't use the word "retarded" so lightly as an insult but k
Me and my friend when a sub that comes often is all like 'Im taking a vacation Ireland '