Childhood (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

Childhood (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

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"You remember me now, don't you?"

"I guess," I looked around, trying to ignore it.

"Well, if you keep denying me then I'll just have to show you!" Jack grabbed my wrist and began running right to the old tree we both knew as kids...


By the way, this book is horrible. Okay, thanks. I have horrible vocabulary too.
Read more to find out what happens! Very long fanfiction, I apologize! <3 Each chapter will be at least 300+ words.

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A teacher? An eighth grade teacher? At my school they look misreable and so done with everyone and thing
I'm not retarded, I'm 
I'm not really afraid of going up really high but I'm afraid of going down. Like a zip line for example, I have no problem going in but when I look down I start shaking, then my head starts making situations where I fall off and die☹️🙃
The thought of jack not getting any sweets fills him with....         DETERMINATION
oh. say that to the millions of subscribers you have...
                              i am going to shut up now.
Am i the only one wondering why the author can swear in the book but not in the comments? 😂