You Don't Own Me -Joker Leto (RE-EDITING)

You Don't Own Me -Joker Leto (RE-EDITING)

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(Hellooo, well this is my first Joker story & I just wanted to say thanks for taking interest into my story. I will be updating regularly. A/N who else thought that Jared Leto did an amazing job in suicide squad? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻.   I thought it was so good so I had to see it again lol. Anyways enjoy)


Elena's POV

Moving to Gotham city from Canada was slightly different from my old small city in Ontario. Everything about this place just sent chills down my back. Since my moms murder 2 weeks ago I decided to go and live with my dad which I honesty think would be for the best. 

My mom was shot and killed right infront of my very own eyes. It was the most hardest thing to have to take in and accept the fact that someone did this to her. Someone murdered my mom. Ever since that night I felt like someone stabbed me right in the heart. Who would do something so disgusting and cruel to someone? To a human being? To someone's child, to someone's sister to someone's mother- 

I shake my head ...

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DauntlessEatonPrior DauntlessEatonPrior Nov 21, 2017
Guys it's so obvious on who it is
                              It's valentine  (shadowhunters reference)
I mean... I get it.... it's Gotham.... but.... Jokers just to smexy to pass up!
SelinaKyle_Catwoman1 SelinaKyle_Catwoman1 Sep 24, 2017
Screw your fake friend be with me instead I am what you called a friend
TheSunGoddess- TheSunGoddess- Sep 05, 2017
Okay.. so I must have really screwed up taste in men because Jared Leto as Joker is WAYYYY hotter than Jared Leto as Jared Leto
TheUknownPoster TheUknownPoster Apr 19, 2017
I-i need some help...who's Pov is this??
                              (Oh I'm such a sarcastic bitch it's beautiful)