A broken soul- a solangelo  fanfiction

A broken soul- a solangelo fanfiction

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Sunny By The_sunniest_angels Completed

Nico has never had anyone who cares. They would pretend they do but then leave him and then add to the list of names people have called him. Worthless, waste, dumb. So when will comes Nico isn't used to having the care and doesn't believe will. And he bullies, Cameron and Julius, aren't helping either.I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!

Please remember this was my first fanfiction and that it's really bad. If you would like to read a more recent and better-written fic with good grammar then go read one of my others, this one is probably my worst fic out of all of them. 

Okay bye

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Honestly I've just watched stranger things and now I'm in a state of confusion and I keep wanting him to tell them to screw off or homo junp off something ya know??
HopeDaughterOfHades HopeDaughterOfHades Mar 22, 2017
i will help you dont harm my family or friends without dire consequences
ThePsychoShipper ThePsychoShipper Sep 08, 2017
Okay so it's like 3:00 here and I keep reading Julius and Ceaser... help
madebymara_ madebymara_ Sep 09, 2017
Omgg I absolutely love this! Would you mind checking out my Camp Half Blood fanfic? Thanks! :))❤️
Run run run away 
                              By yourself another day
                              Run run run and hide
                              Somewhere no one else can find
FangirlIzzy4Ever FangirlIzzy4Ever Aug 12, 2017
These feels were so bad I had to put down y phone I almost cried when Nico and Will were both crying. And I never cry. I. Don't. Cry. Over. Books. I get super sad and don't talk or move but I don't cry. If a book bring tears to my eyes the author has done a great job. So CONGRATULATIONS AUTHOR