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Legend of Zelda: Destinies Untold (Link X Reader)

Legend of Zelda: Destinies Untold (Link X Reader)

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DragonLyra By DragonLyra Updated Jun 20

Ordon was the most peaceful place you could think of. The only excitement you ever really got was from the occasional loose goat, or monster found in the nearby Faron Woods. Nonetheless you enjoyed your life in Ordon, living with your foster family Mayor Bo and Ilia. Although who was to deny that you wanted something more than just herding goats with your best friend Link for all of your life?
  But having the one person you deemed as a sister kidnapped before your eyes was not what you expected. Now faced with the growing Twilight, together you and Link are faced with a destiny that you could only dream of... one that would change the fate of Hyrule as you know it. Not to mention you also have a little imp breathing down your neck the whole time as well... who seems awfully interested in your own destiny; the one of Light and Darkness itself. 
  (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess does NOT belong to me and neither do the pictures used or you... Extremely slow updates. I'm so sorry! (╥_╥))

alexlolLOL alexlolLOL Mar 15
I just started writing a fanfic about the Twilight Princess. But no one is really reading and I bet this one will be awesome
So me
                              Me: *using phone*
                              Mom: Eclipse? Eclips! Ugh!! There's Ice Cream Cake in the freezer
                              Me: Im listening
Rusl should say
                              "I want you two to....  GET A ROOM!"
                              Or maybe
                              "GET IN MAH VAN!"
DragonLyra DragonLyra Nov 23, 2016
I so know how you feel! I literally cried when I found out the pushed the released date back for Breath Of The Wild. I'm also super excited for when it comes out!!
chilolehh chilolehh Jan 14
Your is incorrect, it should rather be you're, because you're means you are, but shortened.
Anja_Duiker Anja_Duiker Mar 02
I don't care if anything is incorrect! I love YOUR writing anyway