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The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet

The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet

68K Reads 2.1K Votes 29 Part Story
Sin-namon Roll By ThatOneWerewolf Completed

Completed, Book One. 
Best Place: #268 in Fanfiction

The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet
{Good Grammer, Written Hopefully Well!}


When Jessica ran away when she was 17 from her friends, it all changed for her. She started a HighSchool called Phoenix High under the name Aphmau. A few years later when she turns 23, her entire life at Mystreet will change. Completely.


Adam (SkydoesMinecraft)
Alesa (????)
Mason (DJ Baby)
Ross (YourPal)
Max (Mithzan)
Shelby (Shubble)
Jin (Bop)
Red (Vactor)
Barney (ThatGuy)
Jess (Aphmau)

All Mystreet characters belong to Aphmau Gaming. I do not claim to own these characters.

Wont let me click the second chapter😭😭😭😫😫😖
Lol when I saw that I thought Jess was thinking, "Hmmmmmm, who should I ship you with? Shelby? Adam?ROSS?!?!, okay Mithross will happen *begins thinking of fanfictions of MITHROSS*"
Hallo_Kattay Hallo_Kattay Oct 16, 2016
Alright! *understands about 45% of that, but is excited anyway!* ;D
PeppyPurple1 PeppyPurple1 Sep 14, 2016
Just to let you know, in the description Alesa is 'SomeSeriousNonesense' for Youtube and 'SRSnonsense' for Minecraft.
IAmKPOPTrash IAmKPOPTrash Sep 15, 2016
I love it Jess looks so tiny while max is there like Wat .-. 😂😂😂
GloomyMidnightStorm GloomyMidnightStorm Dec 13, 2016
Jess is just like a Little Kawaii Potato and Max is just standing there like "...Help..." 😂